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Dr Kate Pascoe

Osteopath, MSc Osteopathic MedicineI know the supreme effort it takes to stay youthful and to have the energy to motivate yourself for work, play and life itself…Osteopathy is jaw- droppingly effective at boosting your energy and obliterating chronic fatigue.Chat now to ask questions about Briz Osteo

5 Eye Opening Ways Osteopathy Boosts Energy

1. Helps stress levels take a dramatic dive. Osteopaths don’t just work on muscles, joints and ligaments, but fine–tune your nervous system and adrenals with gentle techniques that balance your autonomic nervous system. Techniques such as: Strain Counter Strain, BLT (not a sandwich but a ligament tension balancing technique) and my personal favourite: Neural manipulation.

2. Whilst I love all kinds of Osteopathic techniques from thrust manipulation to subtle techniques such as Cranial treatment, what really makes my heart sing are neural mobilisation techniques, which are gentle, pain-free stretching of the nerves, to create beneficial effects on tension, pain and hormones……

3. Improves your posture, which make life a whole lot less tiring. I have seen patient’s posture flex forward after just one horrible three-day-online conference. Conversely, working on the upper Thoracic spine and tight neck, hip flexors, as well as pec muscles can give immediate and dramatic results. Encouraging you to do a few simple exercises following your appointment will magnify results. And structurally, a well balanced pelvis will help the Thoracic and cervical spines to align well. Osteopaths are obsessed with the pelvis and it’s effects on overall body mechanics. If you want more energy, everything needs to work harmoniously.

4. Improves your breathing. A tight Diaphragm is made by stress, being desk bound, driving and general modern busyness. Working on Diaphragm mechanics normalises the pressures so you can breathe more freely. In addition, freeing up hypertonic rib cage and intercostals, front of shoulder around the collar bone and tight Scalene neck muscles, helps the rib cage work unrestrictedly.

5.Unlike some other musculoskeletal specialists, Osteopaths are trained to view energy and health through a whole body prism. Gentle articulation of joints on the whole body as well as fascial techniques are the order of the day for increased energy and relaxation of tissues! Why? Because fascia transmits blood vessels: we need to improve circulation not just release tight muscles. Whole body articulation is also known as Harmonic Technique, because it treats breaks in the energy circuit throughout the body and harmonises your energy for wellness.

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